Today at work we watched all FIVE Bring It On films (an accomplishment I’m particularly proud of). Here’s some things I’ve learned about this series.

1: Each movie begins with a weird dream sequence

2: The first four movies are quite funny. Like, legitimately.

3: Hayden Panettiere lives in a cheerleader uniform. Like Superman, even when she’s wearing real clothes, there’s still a cheerleader uniform underneath.

4: IN IT TO WIN IT is a modern retelling of West Side Story. I’m surprised it also wasn’t nominated for dozens of Academy Awards.

5: Rachele Brooke Smith is the villain in FIGHT TO THE FINISH. She should be the villain in all movies. She’s got the perfect look for it which is why CENTER STAGE 2 was a tough sell for her.

6: Spirit never dies.




Here’s the movies I watched last week!


This is my egg for the year :)


Can we agree this was a disastrously missed opportunity not calling these SWEDISH CAVIAR?



Nudist Colony of the Dead, 1991


So..tomorrow is gonna rule.


I still can’t believe I took this with my iPhone.


This is hanging in our apartment now.