A statement on my blog on people making statements on their blogs

To my readers and followers on my blog, facebook and twitter accounts,

Over the past few days a comedian and a writer/director who I read, follow and respect have made statements on their blogs, facebook and twitter accounts about things they have said on their blogs, facebook, and twitter accounts.

Not only is this incredibly confusing and incestuous but completely unnecessary.

I’m referring to @jamesgunn talking about having sex with comic book characters and @jennyjohnsonhi5 making Chris Brown quit twitter.  If you haven’t heard about these incidents, simply Google them and you’ll find everything you’re looking for.  Every blog and twitter account that discusses these events has links to the blogs and twitter accounts in question.

Look, the world has never been smaller and it’s getting tinier and tinier everyday with social networking.  Like a cramped office, we have to live, work and deal with people we’ve never met in person or worse: people we DO know in person.  That means we get to experience everything awesome they’ve ever done and everything shitty thing they’ve ever said.  So let’s just all get used to it, eh?

When a satirist says things that are funny but also offensive, let’s not petition to get him fired from making a new superhero movie, ok?  When a comedy writer pwns an douche bag who beats women, let’s not send her death threats, alright?  But least of all, let’s cool it on this demand for a “written statement.”  In case you didn’t notice, you can only write written statements on twitter, facebook and blogs.  So why do we need any more?

But this goes both ways.  If some fucking racist, homophobic dickhead says something on his twitter feed that is purely hateful and disgusting, let’s just deal with it.  Even (and especially) if they are celebrities.  The world is full of stupid people and the world has a way of dealing with them.  People can say whatever they want whether it’s Channing Tatum or some mongoloid with a Romney tattoo on his face.  

Social networking is a fascinating medium.  People like @robdelaney, @jamesgunn, @meganamram, @jennyjohnsonhi5 and hundreds more are experimenting with comedy and social commentary in a way we’ve never experienced before.  Sure, there’s going to be bumps in the road.  They’re blazing a trail, after all.  But as technology and communication advances so must our tolerance.  So if you’re a really sensitive person and get really bummed out by mean words then, for the love of God, avoid the internet.

That’s my statement and I’m sticking to it.

Go Nuggets. 

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